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UNOX XV393 Combi Steam Oven

by Unox
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Using the STEAM.Maxi™ technology, you can enjoy the advantages of steaming, obtaining a fast, light, and healthy results.

Steam is promptly generated at 35°C, reducing waste in both delicate cooking and proving procedures.

Additionally, with the STEAM.Plus technology, steam production initiates at 48°C, further enhancing the steaming experience.

  • 2-Year Parts Warranty

Delivery: Approx. 1 - 2 Working Days 

UNOX XV393 Combi Steam Oven

Features & Specifications

  • GN1/1 Interior
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Consistent cooking
  • Save time and labour
  • Elevate flavour and texture
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Combine steam and heat for excellent results
  • Trays not included
  • Free installation kit
  • DIMENSIONS W750 X D773 X H772
  • CAPACITY 5 shelf positions
  • POWER 7.1 Kw (Single or three phase)
  • WEIGHT 67Kg


Spec sheet