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Open 7 Days a Week. IRE: 1800 938 794 - View our Buyers Guide
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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: What's the difference between a freestanding, built-in and integrated wine cooler?


This type of unit will stand freely from other units and appliances. Freestanding units are more common in larger rooms with more space such as kitchens and basements.

These units have the potential to store large quantities of wine, especially taller models. They are commonly found with glass doors and internal shelving. Units with lots of shelves can hold wine bottles in a horizontal position which is ideal for wine quality, while other units with less shelves can hold units upright depending on preference. Freestanding units can be placed where you like which is a major benefit to freestanding models. 

Can I install a freestanding wine cooler under my counter?

As long as the units are provided with adequate ventilation on all sides the unit can work effectively in maintaining the perfect environment for your wines. Ensure a 2-3 inch space on every side including the roof of the unit to avoid overheating as a result of overcompensation by the compressor. Providing airflow in this way is very important and without it your wine coolers lifespan will be shortened and your unit will not run as effectively. 


A built-in unit is similar in appearance to a freestanding unit. The major defining characteristic is that they can be built into existing kitchen cabinetry as front vents are provided which allows air to dissipate freely.


These units can be discreetly built into existing kitchen counters and cabinets. It can be completely disguised behind a cabinet door that matches your kitchen colour scheme. The door may be either transparent allowing you to showcase your wine selection or opaque, if you prefer to keep your bottles out of sight.

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