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Espace 900 - Large Capacity 990 Bottle Walk-in Wine Cellar - Tastvin

by Tastvin
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  • A Revolutionary Self-Contained Wine Cellar
  • Stores up to 990 Wine Bottles
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Air Conditioning Allows Hot/Cold Regulation (10°C -14°C)
  • Height: 205cm, Width: 187cm, Depth: 117cm
  • 10-Year Cellar Parts Warranty & 2-Year Air Conditioner Parts Warranty

Delivery to Ireland: Approx. 6 Weeks

(We also ship to some European countries - Please contact us to find out more)

Espace 900 - Large Capacity 990 Bottle Walk-in Wine Cellar


A walk-in wine cellar is the modern and technological equivalent of an underground cellar. True wine connoisseurs will rediscover the special feeling they get when they walk into their treasured cellar.

Large Capacity Wine Storage

A one of a kind, large capacity walk-in wine cellar that captures your dream. This cellar, which is supplied with lighting, wine racking and an air conditioning unit, allows you to build an extensive wine collection for your home or restaurant.

The extruded polyurethane aluminium-backed insulated panels create a lightweight but robust build permitting the safe storage of a considerable wine bottle storage capacity in relation to its size. 

Other wine bottle sizes can be held but this may reduce storage capacity.

French Made

The French manufactured Espace 900 is handmade and thoroughly inspected at all stages of its production by Tastvin, who have been manufacturing wine cellars for over 30 years.

Air Conditioner

The Espace 900 is supplied with a Fondis C25S cellar conditioning unit which ensures the correct storage conditions for your wine. It provides both heating and cooling to your room, maintaining a consistent temperature between 10°C and 14°C. The unit comes pre-set to 12°C which can be adjusted. Compared to other conditioning units, the C25S has the ability to heat, meaning rooms that are too cold can also be used as wine cellars. You also have the option to order the Espace 900 wine cellar without this unit if you please.

Key Features 

- Holds up to 990 Bordeaux wine bottles

- Provides the ideal storage temperature for your wine

- Supplied with Fondis C25 cellar conditioner

- Supplied with racking

- Door lock & Internal lighting

- Easy to assemble/disassemble 

- Glassdoor option


The 23 standard shelves that are supplied with the Espace 900 can be used in two ways -

Storage shelves: Each shelf can store 4 layers of wine bottles on top of each other allowing 44 wine bottles to be held. Using this method of storage, the shelves should not be pulled in and out as a bottle may fall.

Sliding shelves: Instead of storing 4 layers of bottles on each shelf, this method stores 1 layer of bottles on each shelf. This means the shelves can be pulled in and out safely if regular access is required.

Some of our customers prefer to use the shelves as sliding shelves whereas other customers like using a combination of the two methods meaning some shelves are used as sliding shelves and others, as storage shelves that hold their full bottle capacity and are not pulled out.

If you require that all shelves are used as sliding shelves and would like max capacity then 67 shelves are required to achieve this which will give a capacity of 737 bottles.

All shelves easily glide back and forward and can be locked into position. They have a front profile label holder so you can label the contents of each shelf.

If you require extra shelves, please contact us before placing your order.

Standard shelf Shelfmagnum shelfMagnum shelf


Display shelf display shelfchampagne shelfChampagne shelf




Our walk-in wine cellars come from France and are delivered flat-packed ready to be assembled on-site. The unit can be easily installed in just a few hours. 


The Espace 900 can be installed by one person but we recommend at least two people work together. 

*Location - The contents of the Espace 900 are extremely heavy. Please ensure the floor on which the unit will be installed is strong enough to handle the load. The unit weighs 310kg but when bottles are added this can add another 1500kg. Each 500 bottle extension kit weighs a further 150kg plus the extra wine weight (~1.5kg per average bottle). We recommend you consult an architect or structural engineer to assess the floor load capacity before ordering or assembling.



Door Hinge - Right or Left Option at no additional cost

Additional Shelves - (standard, champagne, magnum, display) €40 per shelf

Glass Door - €300


Height: 205cm

Width: 187cm

Depth: 117cm

The Manufacturer

French manufacturer Tastvin, has been manufacturing wine cellars and cabinets for over 30 years from their facility just outside Marseille. Their team of craftsmen ensure the conservation and maturation of wine is central in the construction of each unit.


10-Year Cellar Parts Warranty & 2-Year Air Conditioner Parts Warranty

Product Files:

Manual (PDF)

Espace900 Installation Diagram (PDF)

Air Conditioner and Wine Rack Installation Diagram (PDF)


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