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Liebherr 211 Bottle Freestanding Dual or Single Temperature Wine Cooler - WTes 5972

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Manufactured in Germany by Liebherr. Sourced in Ireland.

Liebherrr wine fridge Ireland


  • Holds 211 Bordeaux (750ml Bordeaux bottles)
  • Installation: Freestanding 
  • Dual Temperature Zones: +5 °C to +20 °C
  • Reversible Door Hinges
  • Dimensions: 192cm, Width: 70cm, Depth: 74.2cm
  • 2-Year Parts & Labour Warranty 

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Liebherr 211 Bottle Freestanding Dual or Single Temperature Wine Cooler - WTes 5972 

211 Bordeaux bottles can be held under an operating temperature of between +5 °C to +20 °C meaning it is an ideal unit for long term storage. With an operating noise level of just 38dB, this is one of our quietest models which is uncommon for full height units. It uses forced air cooling to keep the wine cool for long periods of time ensuring better cooling performance. 

Dual-Zone or Single Temperature Zones

Two different wine varieties can be kept at their optimum storage temperature ensuring the storage conditions of one variety is not favoured over another. For example, red wine can be kept at +18°C in the upper zone while in the lower zone, champagne can be kept at +5 °C. Use the operating panel to set temperature settings. A single temperature can also be set in both zones so the whole unit is at a uniform temperature.

LED Lighting

The interior LED lighting ensures light is dispersed evenly throughout each department with no UV exposure. The LED lighting presents no harm to wine quality as the heat produced is minimal. 

Reversible Door

The door can be reversed from its original state to ensure the most efficient use of space. 

Activated Charcoal Filter

The maintenance of good air quality is important in the long term storage of wine, therefore odours are removed from the air by the charcoal filter before entry ensuring the wine is protected against these odours.


The wine maturing process can be negatively impacted by even the slightest vibrations. These vibrations are eliminated by utilizing the highest quality, low-vibration compressors ensuring tannins in the wine maturing process, can settle correctly. 

Integrated Heating Control

In some cases, the wine temperature would need to exceed the ambient temperature of the storage environment. The integrated heater allows this to be achieved automatically.

Humidity Control

This unit automatically maintains 50% air humidity which is ideal in wine storage. This can be adjusted further by using the operating panel. The horizontal positioning of wine bottles ensures the corks do not dry out. 

Features & Specifications

- Colours: Stainless steel

- Door alarm (Audible alarm will sound if the door is open for 60 seconds)

- Child lock prevents the unit from being switched off when activated

- Dimmable lighting control

- 10 storage shelves (8 can be pulled out on telescopic rails, 1 wooden folding shelf)

- Activated charcoal filter

- Lock

- Weight: 123kg

- Noise level: 38.0dB

-  Average yearly energy consumption: 191 kWh/a

- 2-year manufacturers warranty

The manufacturer

Founded in Germany, Liebherr is a market leader in Europe for its multifunctional wine cabinet range designed with flexibility in mind to offer a suitable solution for short and long term wine storage.

The most advanced technology is incorporated into each and every unit, ensuring optimum temperatures are achieved and the full flavour potential is reached in every glass of wine you experience.

Product Files:

Operating Instructions (PDF)

CE Cert (PDF)

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