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Wine Etiquette: 5 Things You Should Be Doing - ChillCooler

Wine Etiquette: 5 Things You Should Be Doing

The world of wine - with its seemingly infinite varieties, wineries and brands - might be intimidating at first, but understanding wine etiquette is an excellent place to start your adventure into the wine industry. It's an easy method to enhance your confidence in any situation while also allowing you to enjoy the process of discovering your favorite bottle of wine.

In Ireland, we love our wine, which means taking on board these tips can go a long way. Here are some occasions when good wine etiquette may pay off:

- Going on a wine tour
- Meeting the parents
- Hosting a dinner party
- Meeting work colleagues

Here are 5 tips for you to remember the next time you enjoy sharing a bottle of wine:

Offer to refill the glasses of your guests first

It's good practice to offer to fill your visitors' glasses before your own. It's considerate, respectful, and it's a good way to express to them that you enjoy their company. Just make sure their glasses don't remain empty for too long and you are already a five star host.

wine etiquette tips ireland

Fill glasses under halfway

Not only will you be pacing yourself, but filling your wine glass less than the halfway mark will give your wine the room it needs to breath. This will bring out the flavours and aromas that the wine contains to give you the best wine drinking experience.

fill glass wine ireland

When opening a bottle, don't make a scene

You may be tempted to put on a show the next time you open a bottle of wine. Take your time to uncork bottles quietly and you will come across as the expert.

opening wine bottle ireland

Take your time

You don't want to be the person at the next family party that drinks too much. Take your time and appreciate each glass of wine slowly and enjoy the company of your friends and family.

wine tips ireland

When pouring, hold the bottle from the base

For greater control, hold from the bottom when pouring from a bottle of wine. This will reduce spills and tragically embarrassing moments that may take you years to forget.

wine tips ireland wine pouring


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