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Pevino Wine Coolers

pevino wine coolers

The ultimate wine cooler

The Pevino series is amongst the best there is when it comes to storing wine for the selective wine enthusiast. Amongst other things, you get retractable shelves that provide a good overview of all your wines, and which allows you to easily admire your wines. Furthermore, you can with most of the models choose between single or dual zones.

The advantage of a single cooling zone is if you need to have your wines lying for a longer period but at the same time at a serving temperature. With dual cooling zones you have the possibility to store your wine on a long-term basis while simultaneously having red- and white wine constantly ready to serve. In most of the wine coolers, you can also choose between lighting in different colours depending on your mood. The wine coolers can be installed to hold a stabile temperature of 5-18/20 degrees Celsius.

In other words, you get all that you need plus a little extra all in the same wine cooler, and it even looks good at the same time.

Pevino has with a base in solid experience from dealing with wine coolers and wine accessories for wine cellars developed a series of wine coolers, where all the cool and elegant functions are gathered in the same wine cooler.

The uniqueness of Pevino is that you get everything combined in a single wine cooler. All depending on your choice of model, you can store between 8 and 267 bottles and everything in a packaging that radiates quality and elegant Danish design.

A designer wine cooler from Pevino

Pevino produces wine coolers to be built in, for freestanding and to be integrated for instance in the kitchen. An integrated wine cooler means that the wine cooler itself is placed inside an existing cupboard on top of a shelf. This means that the door of the wine cooler always will be slightly larger than the actual wine cooler, thereby enclosing it and making the result more complete. When a wine cooler is integrated there are a few things that you need to be aware of including air circulation.

A wine cooler that is built in means that you replace an existing module with the wine cooler. If you for instance have a kitchen cupboard or a washing machine in the kitchen and wish to have a wine cooler instead, then the existing module must be replaced since most built-in wine coolers have a standard width of 59,5 cm.

Please not that you can always have a built-in wine cooler placed as a freestanding wine cooler but never a freestanding wine cooler built in. This is due to the air circulation, which is always placed on the bottom front of the wine cooler.

A freestanding wine cooler means, as the name implies, that it can be placed anywhere in your home. However, please note that freestanding wine coolers must always have 5 cm of air on all sides including the top and back, since it is here that the air circulation is.

The front of Pevino’s wine coolers is kept in a pure and minimalistic look, which allows the wine cooler to be easily adapted into most homes. The impressive glass doors have no visible handles on the freestanding- and built-in wine coolers, and some of the integrated models also come with a smart and simple push function.

Another elegant detail is the small lock in the bottom of the wine cooler’s door that works as an extra safety towards unwelcome guests, curious children, or thirsty teenagers. Furthermore, all Pevino wine coolers have UV-filtered glass in the doors that protect the bottles against light, and in all wine coolers there is a built-in alarm, which activates if you should forget to close the door or if sudden fluctuations in the temperature arise. Additionally, all Pevino wine coolers can be placed in rooms with a room temperature down to 10 degrees Celsius.

The exclusive shelves in the Pevino wine coolers are made of pure beech- or oak wood on fully retractable telescopic rails with steel ball bearings. Everything runs smoothly and steadily so that you with peace of mind can withdraw the entire shelf and get an overview of your bottles.

In wine coolers for built in and freestanding there are individual adjustable legs, which ensure optimal assembling in terms of getting the wine cooler level and give it a few extra centimetres in height if it for instance needs to align with a tabletop or a kitchen cupboard.

Wine cooler as you want it

Even though Pevino has listened to its customers wishes, there is still room for further individual preferences.

With Pevino it is possible to purchase alternative shelf trimmings and in the larger Majestic-models you can add more display shelves if you wish to have your wine displayed more presentable.

The Pevino wine coolers are divided into three segments depending on your need.

Pevino Noble is a quality product at a decent price. The Pevino Noble segment consists of two wine coolers with the capacity of 41 bottles and two larger wine coolers with the capacity of 141 and 148 bottles respectively.

With Pevino Noble you get practical and retractable shelves in beech wood, beautiful lighting in different colours, a low noise level (39-40dB), the possibility of building in the wine cooler either under a table or between to kitchen cabinets and temperature intervals between 5-18 degrees Celsius.

Pevino Majestic belongs to the premium segment of top quality for those who wish to do something extra for their wine. Pevino Majestic consists of wine coolers that come with either single or dual cooling zones and has a capacity interval from 8 to 159 bottles.

With Pevino Majestic you get excellent and elegant retractable shelves in beautiful beech wood with the option of shelf trims in black or silver, cool LED lighting in blue, white or orange, a very low noise level of 36-40 dB, the possibility of having the wine cooler freestanding, built-in or integrated in the kitchen plus temperature intervals of 5-20 degrees Celsius.
Furthermore, all the Majestic wine coolers have the option of switching the zones depending on your need so that you can stack up on white wine, rosé and sparkling wines in the summer and still have space for the full bodied and powerful red wines for the colder months of the year.

Pevino Imperial is the super-premium segment to those who wish to measure themselves with the professionals and who really want to spoil their wine. This segment consists of 8 wine coolers divided across two sizes, single or dual cooling zones and with two different fronts in either black glass or matte black steel.

With Pevino Imperial you get a capacity of 54 or 96 bottles, the best compressor on the market that maintains a constant low noise level of 38 dB, incredibly beautiful and practical retractable shelves in oak and black metal that can contain all types of bottles, temperature intervals of 5-15 and/or 7-18 degrees Celsius and dimmable LED lighting in blue, green, white, orange or red.

As something unique, the smaller of the wine coolers come with a depth of only 37,5 cm since the wine coolers with their professional expression have the bottles lying horizontally with the labels outward.

The bottles in the larger wine coolers also lie horizontally and with a depth of 57,5 cm, this is still smaller than the standard depth of a built-in wine cooler. From a visual point of view, this gives a very impressive wine cooler that combined with the low noise level is ideal for a placement in the living room, dining room or kitchen.

Additionally, the Imperial segment also offers the Pevino Giant with one or two cooling zones for the larger wine collections of up to 267 bottles, which also include retractable shelves, LED lighting and electronic display built into the handle.

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Pevino Wine CoolersPevino Wine CoolersPevino Wine CoolersPevino Wine Coolers